PROUDLY INTRODUCING *PATENT PENDING* Prism Platinum (PVC FREE) Archival Grade Toploaders

After two long years, it's a surreal moment to be officially sharing these toploaders. I always look forward to making these announcements because it is in these moments I am reminded how lucky I am to have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to a community that I am deeply passionate about.

Thank you for trusting our vision and purpose, and giving me the platform through Prism Platinum to do what I am passionate about - develop premium supplies tailored to the specific needs of kpop collectors.

Our Archival Grade Toploaders will be available for pre-sale on: on November 3rd, 2023, 9PM Sydney time - 3rd November, 2023, 9PM EDT for USA Website.

 ❗Please note this is a pre-sale with shipping to start from 18th of November ❗

Listings for Archival Toploaders below (Australia/Worldwide website) 

If you are purchasing from our USA Site - please check for the USA listings HERE


Archival Toploader - SMALL

Archival Toploader - MEDIUM

Archival Toploader - LARGE

See the journey below! 

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The Details 

Lab Tested -
PVC-Free and Acid-Free 

Similar to our pocket pages and sleeves, our toploaders are crafted from high-quality archival polyester, providing a secure environment for storing photocards, even without additional sleeves. These toploaders have undergone rigorous lab testing in Melbourne, Australia, confirming their PVC-Free composition. To ensure utmost quality, we conducted thorough testing on the toploaders both before and after production as an extra precautionary measure.

Ultimate Clarity

PVC toploaders tend to discolor and become cloudy over time. In contrast, our archival toploaders offer unmatched clarity, remaining free from any discoloration or cloudiness. This allows collectors to proudly display their photocards in vibrant, true-to-color brilliance.

UV Resistant

UV rays can be detrimental to photocards, leading to fading and damage over time. Our archival toploaders are equipped with a specialized UV protective coating, providing a shield against the harmful effects of UV rays from any light source. This ensures that you can proudly display your collection for an extended period without worrying about deterioration.

Unparralleled Strength

Made from durable materials, our archival toploaders offer collectors a worry-free experience in displaying their cherished photocards. With our toploaders, your collection is not only impeccably preserved but also shielded from the risk of bending, ensuring each card maintains its pristine condition for years to come.

Available in 3 sizes

We offer our archival toploaders in three convenient sizes: small, medium, and large. This diverse selection enables collectors to securely protect and display a broader spectrum of photocards, ensuring a tailored fit for every cherished addition to their collection.