Organising Enhypen 5th Mini Album 'Orange Blood’

Organising Enhypen 5th Mini Album 'Orange Blood’ - Prism Platinum



My Orange Blood Albums have finally arrived from Weverse! 🧡 Initially, I planned on collecting only my bias line - Jungwon, Jake, and Sunghoon. But, oh my goodness, the photocards from the Kalpa versions are way too cute! 🥰 Now, I’m seriously considering collecting OT7! 👀

The supplies you'll need to organise the inclusions and featured in the reel are:

Pre-Order Only/First Press Limited

  • Fragrance Card : 1ea - (Not included in the binder due to strong fragrance and potential damage to other inclusions).
  • Instant photo: Randomly included in first press albums **Not included in all products 

***Weverse POB Photocard : 2ea  -  [Version 2] Custom A5 Pages - 4-Pocket - Standard Photocard 

***Weverse POB Group Postcard : 1ea  -  [Version 2] Custom A5 Pages - 1 - Pocket - Mini Poster


Happy collecting!


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