Organising TEN 1st Mini Album ‘TEN’

Organising TEN 1st Mini Album ‘TEN’ - Prism Platinum



TEN 1st Mini Album ‘TEN’ (ON TEN Ver.)

Yes I did at one point have a Ten collection but dropped it later on. In saying that - I really wanted to support 🫶 his first solo project when it was first announced! I can’t believe I scored not one but TWO 😸 selfie PCs (and that extra postcard?) that stroke of luck (only collectors will know) !! 🍀

The supplies you'll need to organise the inclusions and featured in the reel are:


TEN 1st Mini Album ‘TEN’ (SMini Ver.)


TEN 1st Mini Album ‘TEN’ (Light On Ver.)

Happy collecting!


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