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All the new and restocked items shared on this page will be going live 3rd of November, 2023 9PM Sydney TIme. 

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17 OCTOBER 2023

Earlier this year, We asked you guys in the commuity to select the next shade of green for our forthcoming myCOLLECTION binder. There were three options collectors could choose from:

🌟OPTION A: A seafoam green colour 💚 - gorgeous pale teal

🌟OPTION B: A muted lime green colour 🍋🟩- more green compared to option A

🌟OPTION C: A rich forest green colour 🌲 - a step away from our current pastel shade range into something more vampy.

We received over 2,000 responses and really appreciative of the input and feedback from collectors. Seafoam was the overwhelming winner and we can't wait to unveil the final design for our new myCOLLECTION binder. Stay tuned for the full reveal! The myCOLLECTION binder, wrapped in the exquisite hues of Seafoam, awaits its rightful place in your cherished collection.

In the meantime, have a look at the journey below!

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we introduce to you our latest design to join the myCOLLECTION series. The "Float" myCOLLECTION binder. The seafoam colour was most voted by collectors in August 2023.

Float features a dainty butterfly fluttering design on the front cover adorned with our signature rainbow holographic foiling.

If you own any of our existing myCOLLECTION binder designs you can expect the same features

- Laminated in scratch resistant high quality material

- Magnetic clasp closure which can ensure the pages of your binder will not be pressed or damaged when laid flat

- White matte material interior

- 6 Silver rings (Standard Size) & 3 SIlver Rings (Deluxe Size)

Each Float myCOLLECTION binder (In both the Standard and Deluxe Size) will include:

- A set of Index Tabs (to help keep your binder and collection organised)

- Our Signature Backboard (to help prevent the back pages from any damages from the rings)

🏷️ BUNDLE SPECIAL: Use the code 'BUNDLE' for 50% off when you purchase 3 packs of myCOLLECTION Custom A5 Pocket Pages with your myCOLLECTION binder.

The Float myCOLLECTION binder will be available for pre-sale at -: on November 3rd, 2023, 9PM Sydney time - 3rd November, 2023, 9PM EDT for USA Website.

 ❗Please note this is a pre-sale with shipping to start from 18th of November❗

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[AU and International]
"Float" myCOLLECTION Binder - Standard Edition

[AU and International]
"Float" myCOLLECTION Binder - Deluxe Edition

[US Only]
"Float" myCOLLECTION Binder - Standard Edition

[US Only]
"Float" myCOLLECTION Binder - Deluxe Edition

20 OCTOBER 2023

Restock of myUNIVERSE Binders 🌌 - Deluxe Edition, is coming to AU and International Website! -

In a previous update from September 2023, we shared with you the unfortunate news that a portion of our myUNIVERSE deluxe binders did not meet our stringent quality standards and thus had to undergo a remaking process. Regrettably, this led to a reduction in the available stock of myUNIVERSE binders to I am so excited to announced that the remaining Deluxe myUNIVERSE binders will be arriving to our Australian fulfillment centre in time for the holiday seasons. 

This will be our FINAL Restock of this bespoke piece! The Deluxe myUNIVERSE binder will be available for pre-sale at on November 3rd, 2023, 9PM Sydney time.❗Pease note this is a pre-sale with shipping to start from 18th of November❗

We appreciate the patience from our collectors, especially those utilising the AU and International website. For our collectors in the United States, the myUNIVERSE binders in both sizes remain readily accessible on our US website. Make sure to not miss out! For the AU and International website, please ensure to subscribe the listing and follow our social media for updates

[AU and International]
myUNIVERSE Binder - Standard Edition

[AU and International]
myUNIVERSE Binder - Deluxe Edition

[US Only]
myUNIVERSE Binder - Standard Edition

[US Only]
myUNIVERSE Binder - Deluxe Edition

21 OCTOBER 2023

myCOLLECTION Binders restocking on our Australia and International website and launching to our USA Shop! 

The much-anticipated moment is here! We're thrilled to announce that our beloved myCOLLECTION binder designs,

- Dream

- Midnight

- Celestial

- Constellation 

are set to make a triumphant return. These sought-after designs will be available for pre-sale on both our AU and International as well as USA website. 

Plese note that ONLY these myCOLLECTION binder designs will be restocked. Floral and Shooting Star will not be restocked.

With over 400+, 5 ⭐reviews, the myCOLLECTION Binder has been a favourite in the collecting community. Read some of the reviews below from other collectors

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Karina Nowosielecka
love it

you can fit so much into this binder, and the binder board helps to keep it all safe! I love the divider tabs, as I’ve used this binder to store my bts solo collections, so it just helps with organising everything!


Loving my binder and as a first time collector I’m looking forward to buying more

Joana Barbosa

Very good packaging and arrived in very good condition, shipping to Europe takes a bit of time, be aware of that :)

good quality

i love this binder so much!! i love how sturdy it is and the magnetic close it has!! my collection looks so much better now and in combination with the prism sleeves 🌟🩷 it’s such a good product you can really tell a collector made it!!!

Esther Wong

Its a gift, so far havnt hear anything negative from the recipient.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

Perfect for my collection

Despoina Kosma

I absolutely love it, it's extremely high quality and the packaging was perfect (as was the overall order packaging)
love the little bunny design

Simona Trifonova

Everything was packed well and arrived without damage. When I first started collecting I hated the idea of ​​A5 binders, but the wide selection of your page layouts has completely changed my mind! Now I find A4 boring 😅 I love my Dream binder 💜 And the quality of the pages is amazing. I was able to fit all my BTS solo pcs and inclusions and will definitely buy another one from my Collection in the future!

Emma Stevenson
Dream binder deluxe version A5

I love it so much! Perfect for storing my bts ot7 and solo collections.

Sunny Yin

It’s super pretty and it’s perfect for photo cards

This is our BIGGEST restock of the myCOLLECTION binder series so you don't want to miss out! 

Along with the newest Float myCOLLECTION binder, the classic designs will be available for pre-sale at -: on November 3rd, 2023, 9PM Sydney time - 3rd November, 2023, 9PM EDT for USA Website. 

 ❗Please note this is a pre-sale with shipping to start from 18th of November ❗

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myCOLLECTION Catalogue [AU and International]

myCOLLECTION Catalogue [US Only]

24 OCTOBER 2023

It is no hidden secret among collectors that PVC supplies are not recommended for long term storage of photocards and inclusions. However, it is a material commonly found in toploaders. Given the durability offered at its cheap price, we understand its merits as an affordable and accessible option for both collectors and manufacturers. However, as a fellow collector, I could never rest easy knowing all too well we were accepting these standards of protection for our collection 🥹.

The quest for PVC-free toploaders was in fact one of our earliest projects I worked on when I started Prism Platinum 💙

 At the time, I was just getting serious about collecting and found myself incredibly frustrated by how difficult it was to find the right supplies to protect my rarer PCs.

Like every Prism Platinum product, it was a painstaking process to bring it to life 😅 I found myself caught between never ending feelings of hope and defeat. Many manufacturers weren’t even willing to attempt PVC-free samples! The ones who tried ended up creating ones that were far too weak and flimsy 😔

After a disheartening amount of bad samples (and even a supplier who lied about it being PVC-free 😭), we finally hit the jackpot in December 2022 🎊 it was the most promising sample to date - sturdy, clear and PVC-FREE!! 💎 It felt too good to be true that my scepticism got the better of me. We sent these samples off to our friends at @intertekgroup in Melbourne to get them tested for PVC

After two long years, had the breakthrough finally happened that we created the very first PVC-free toploaders at Prism Platinum?! 🫣 stay tuned for part 2 👀

We received our chemical testing report to test the properties of our toploader sample. We were so pleased that the report stated that “PVC was not observed”. We are so excited to be announcing our  “PATENT PENDING” Archival Grade Toploaders! After a two year long project we are so ecstatic to be launching this into the community for collectors. 

✅ PVC-Free - Verified and lab tested! Long-term protection for your photocard/inclusion even safe to use without sleeves;

☀️ UV Resistant - Special coating to resist harmful UV rays.

💎 Ultimate clarity - No blue tinge and super clear

💪 Durable - Expect the same level of sturdiness comparable to regular toploaders without the risks

The toploaders will be available in three sizes:
Small -  Perfect fit fror photocards measuring 55mm x 85mm
*NEW SIZE* Medium - Fits most standard photocards and compatible with mini-tour photocards measuring 70mm x 100mm
LARGE - Suitable for bigger inclusions including postcards measuring 128mm x 92mm

Our Archival Grade Toploaders will be available for pre-sale on: on November 3rd, 2023, 9PM Sydney time - 3rd November, 2023, 9PM EDT for USA Website.
 ❗Please note this is a pre-sale with shipping to start from 18th of November