Can I pay with PayPal or AfterPay?

No, Pre-order is against PayPal and AfterPay's terms and conditions and we are unable to offer this option for in-stock (temporary) and pre-order items 

Are prices in AUD?

Prices will be in your local currency and you will pay in your local currency

Can I purchase instock items with pre-order items in the same order?

No you cannot, you must place 2 separate orders if you want in-stock and pre-order items. To mitigate this convenience, we will be offering a pre-order discount for the myCOLLECTION binders. 

The website won't let me add more than 4 binders to my order?

We have a limit for this Pre-order of 4 myCOLLECTION binders per order. You can place as many orders as you like but each order cannot exceed 4 binders (Standard and/or Deluxe)

How much is shipping to x country?

Shipping is dependent on weight so we cannot give you an accurate estimate until you confirm your order at the Check Out page

Is there a discount for large orders?

We aren’t offering any discounts on large orders, we have offered our myCOLLECTION binders at a discounted Pre-order price

Will you be restocking x and x?

The listings you currently see on the website that does not have ‘Pre-Order’ against it will be the only items available to purchase in stock on the 15th of January. We are working really hard for a big future restock so look forward to it!

How long will pre-orders last?

1st round will last until the cap has been hit! So it will depend on the number of orders we receive on the 15th of January 

I missed out on the 1st round of Pre-orders?!

We aim to open a 2nd round as soon as possible. Please follow our social accounts to stay up to date!

Help!! I can't find the binder bundle listing! I want a binder bundle!

We have removed the binder bundle listing and to help to make it a more seamless experience. You simply need to add 3 x A5 pocket pages to the cart with your choice of binder. Use the discount code 'BUNDLE' when you check out. Please note that our website ocassionally is not perfect so you need to ensure your shopping cart is accurate before checking out!

Can I change my address after placing an order?

Please leave a note at the check out and we will hold your order until you tell us to ship it out! If you don’t leave a note we will ship it out once the items arrive and will not be responsible for a misdelivery!

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Cancellations and/or refunds are not allowed unless they are exceptional circumstances. Please refer to our Pre Order Policy. Please email us if you’d still like to cancel your order.

I forgot to add something to my pre-order, can I swap/add it out for something else I want instead?

Due to the volume of orders we receive, we are unable to amend any existing pre-orders we receive. We can either refund your entire order for you to place a new one with the correct items or keep your order as is! A 5% amendment fee applies to cover the transaction costs. 

Can you change the value of the order so I can avoid customs?

No, we are unable to offer any value adjustments given we need to declare the full value to receive compensation in the instance your parcel gets damaged or lost! Please do not request for us to adjust the value

Can my existing A5 pocket pages from my Standard myCOLLECTION binder fit into the Deluxe binder?

Yes! Our A5 pocket pages are universal to both binders so you can use them across both

Can I purchase backboard separately?

No, it was designed for the Deluxe myCOLLECTION binders as they are included by default. They will not be available for separate purchase

Will you be sharing active GOs?

Unfortunately we won’t be promoting any active GOs (Group Orders) on our socials. You can check our tagged posts and see if there are any active GOs. Please ensure you do your research and background checks before joining a GO!

Do I have to ask permission to host a GO?

No, you do not need to ask permission, you can host a GO and it’ll come through as a normal order. Please leave a note at the checkout with number of joiners so we can include enough freebies!

Do you make custom binders?

No, we do not take any requests for custom binders