Introducing a Prism Platinum exclusive release: the myUNIVERSE binder

Designed by an ARMY for ARMY, the myUNIVERSE binder is a special project celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of BTS on Tuesday 13 June 2023. 

I believe each and every ARMY had their own way of celebrating what this milestone meant to them as we all have our own unique relationship to BTS and ARMY. However, the beautiful part is that no matter when, where or how you found yourself here, one this is certain - our shared love for each member, BTS and their music. I kept this in mind when designing the myUNIVERSE binder and I hope that all ARMYs will find a way to enjoy it for themselves. 

I truly look forward to hearing and seeing how the myUNIVERSE binder will serve you in your journey as an ARMY.

From one ARMY to another, let us keep going until we meet the boys again in 2025, borahae 

With love, Cathy.

Launch is now LIVE. Listings below:

myUNIVERSE Binder - Standard Edition

myUNIVERSE Binder - Deluxe Edition

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3 x packs of myCOLLECTION Custom A5 Pocket Pages with your myUNIVERSE binder

See the journey below! 

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The Details 

Customisable Display 

A Prism Platinum first - the myUNIVERSE binder has been designed with a custom size front pocket window to fit a standard photocard. 

Showcase your favourite photocard or use it to add that personal touch to your binder that will truly make it feel like a bespoke keepsake!

Details for ARMY

A binder made for ARMY by an ARMY, the details have been thoughtfully designed to truly celebrate BTS and speak to ARMY. Enjoy a borahae purple on purple design with holographic embossing final touches - the myUNIVERSE binder is truly the perfect home for your BTS collection. 

Timeless Design

Designed in the style and silhouette of our beloved myCOLLECTION binders. The minimal design makes it the an easy addition to any collectors' shelf with the versatility to store it upright or lying flat! 

Premium Materials

Crafted to perfection, our binders are made with the same premium materials collectors have come to love with our myCOLLECTION binders. Made of a laminated scratch resistant material, a strong magnetic clasp closure and robust rings, the myUNIVERSE binder is one of the highest quality binders available for collectors.  

Available in Prism Platinum's signature sizes: Standard and Deluxe 

Index tabs and Backboards included with every myUNIVERSE Binder 

Compatible with Prism Platinum Custom A5 Pocket Pages

💜 Free Digital Binder Filler Download with every myUNIVERSE Binder purchase💜

Launch is now LIVE. Listings below: 

myUNIVERSE Binder - Standard Edition

myUNIVERSE Binder - Deluxe Edition