Pre-Sale starts 15 July 2024

The 'Bunnies' Collection

Custom Coloured A5 Pocket-Pages

Preview available from 13 July 2024

A Colour For Every Bunnie!

Taking inspiration from the coolest girls on the block, NewJeans, hop right into a whimsical world of colour with this ador-rabbit collection.

The first of its kind

Page-turning Colours

In a bold new step, The Bunnies Collection welcomes coloured pages to unlock new possibilities for collectors to build their ultimate dream binder.

Discover monochromatic harmony with a colour-matched ensemble, or get creative with different colour combinations - your perfect keepsake is waiting for you!


Six Bespoke Designs

From the 4-Pocket - Slim Photocard to the 2-Pocket - Postcards pages, experience all our best-selling collector's essentials in brilliant new shades!

(Psst...say hello to a BRAND NEW design, our Custom A5 4-Pocket Pages - Double Sleeve!)

Perfected Compatibility

All pocket-pages from The Bunnies Collection have been meticulously measured to ensure the perfect fit is achieved when used with both our Standard and Deluxe myCOLLECTION A5 binders.

Exceptional Uniformity

All six page designs in The Bunnies Collection are the same page size, establishing the perfect alignment when used with our myCOLLECTION A5 binders.

Archival Safe

Lab-tested, PVC-Free, and Acid-Free to deliver long-term protection and keep your valuable collection correctly safeguarded.

Optimised Storage

The more the merrier! All pocket-pages in The Bunnies Collection are optimised for double-sided storage, providing extra room for those larger collections.

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